The fine art of spinning plates. I’m on a thrilling ride there is no doubt but I wanted to share with you all one of the challenges I face so you can understand a bit more about the life of a CEO (9 divisions + 16 staff!) and artist manager.

As most people know I’m a father to my amazing little boy Alfie, he’s 6 and magical but also very demanding! I have him at weekends and some weeknights after school and cherish my time so give him everything I’ve got! A caveat is this is in my down time where most would go for beers or see family and I get run ragged. I love it but it means I’m 100mph 24/7. Wouldn’t change it.

I’m separated from Alfie’s mum and we’re still good mates and share a profound love for our son! This does mean I have new relationships to nurture which deserve attention and passion so that’s also top of my list! I love this side but again want to give everything so it can be tricky and I sometimes doubt I’m giving that person enough. It’s so important though and something massive I’m dedicated to. 🤔

Scruff of the Neck is no doubt my life. I’m living my dream and I thank the universe every day for that! Not a minute goes by with work where I feel I’m bored or unfulfilled. I’m good at my job and have the best team. ✅
Managing bands is absolutely amazing and I’m lucky enough to work with some of the best talent and people in the business. I’ve absolutely no doubt I’m working with future superstars and we’ll achieve astounding feats together.

Any tips? How the hell do I find time to do all this? Well I do struggle in honesty at times but what I would say is make sure you look after yourself, if I don’t make sure Mark Lippmann is happy then the house of cards could come tumbling down. I’ve still not got all the answers but I’m nearly there, I’m talking to my friends, my family, my colleagues and thinking outside the box with what support there is around coping with my manic life!

I’m excited more than ever for the future and I will achieve my goals of being a superb father, partner, friend and entrepreneur and will fulfil my promise of making history!

Mark x