Scruff of the Neck’s ‘And on the sixth day, God created Manchester’ mug is on sale now.

Following the success of the Scruff of the Neck logo pin badge, which were released earlier this year, we have designed a limited run of just 80 mugs, available to buy from our online store now, while stocks last.

A rich heritage

The familiar slogan emblazoned on the mug highlights Scruff of the Neck’s strong pride and heritage in being from Manchester.

‘And on the sixth day, God created Manchester’ is a famous line brought to attention in the 80’s by Leo Stanley, who owned a shop in the infamous Afflecks Palace.

He printed the assertion on his ‘Identity’ t-shirts, and now the line is littered across the city and has become a backbone of the strong history of the icons of Manchester.

And it is particularly associated with the Northern Quarter, where Scruff of the Neck is based, on Edge Street.

Northern Quarter thrived as the city boomed in the 80s and 90s, serving as a hub for the rise of bands such as Joy Division and the Happy Mondays, as well as the famous rave culture with The Hacienda and Acid House.

Manchester success

Scruff of the Neck is proud to be from Manchester, serving as the only northern company on any list at the AIM Awards, where we were crowned the ‘Best Small Label’.

“At this year’s AIM Independent Music Awards, the nominations for Best Small Label were all outstanding,” said Paul Pacifico, the head of AIM.

“On the night, SOTN emerged as the worthy winner and for me really highlight the depth of both commercial and creative talent at the heart of independent music.

“This small team from Manchester is punching above its weight time and time again and building a future facing music business that is ready to go from strength to strength.

“I look forward to their continued success and am proud to count them as a member of our community.”

Buy now

Join in celebrating our Manchester heritage and history by purchasing a ‘God Created Manchester’ mug here.